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Koplow Helps Stop “Production Line of Unreliable Evidence”

Lawrence Koplow is proud to have been part of an important case that affects the lives of hundreds of Arizonans charged with impaired driving.

The Arizona Supreme Court issued a ruling earlier this spring, regarding the questionable Scottsdale Crime Lab blood alcohol test results. While the ruling did not toss out potentially faulty blood alcohol evidence, it opened the doors for the reliability of the evidence and the crime lab equipment that produced the results to be called into question in future trials.

Koplow was quoted by Phoenix CBS news affiliate KPHO.com in a report on the Supreme Court’s findings:

“It’s an admission they were doing something they should not have been doing,” attorney Lawrence Koplow said. “It feels good that we stopped a production line of unreliable evidence that was being given to the public. We’ll see what they do in the future.”

He also provided comment to azcentral.com that he disagrees with the ruling, but that it’s progress.

Phoenix-based DUI defense attorney Lawrence Koplow is one of the lawyers representing the 11 defendants. He said he does not agree with the Supreme Court’s ruling, but he feels like his side was given a “fair shake.”

“This decision really splits the baby,” Koplow said. “They gave both sides something.”

Read the Supreme Court opinion here, and get more analysis from Koplow on the Arizona DUI Defense Blog.

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