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Above Legal Limit DUI (Updated 2019)


What is the Arizona DUI alcohol limit?

  • The definition of Per Se
  • Blood Alcohol concentration
  • Breath Alcohol concentration

A “per se” statutes that make something in and of itself a criminal offense. For example, in Arizona DUI cases it is illegal to have an alcohol concentration of .08 or greater – regardless of whether you are impaired by that level of alcohol.

Limit of What?

Arizona law specifically defines an alcohol concentration (a.k.a. “BAC”)  It also makes distinction between how it is defined in blood and breath.  Arizona law provides that an “alcohol concentration” if expressed as a percentage means either:

(a) The number of grams of alcohol per one hundred milliliters of blood.

(b) The number of grams of alcohol per two hundred ten liters of breath.

Above Legal Limit DUI (Updated 2019)

Frequently Asked Questions

The Arizona legislature has actually made it a crime to have an alcohol concentration above the legal limit after you have stopped driving.

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