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The Ultimate Guide (2020)

Arizona DUI Penalties

Yes, Arizona’s DUI penalties are bad.  However, for purposes of getting you to sleep tonight, you should know that most misdemeanor DUI cases DO NOT result in long terms of jail.  


Even the thought of spending a minute in jail can be is terrifying.  Accordingly, your lawyer should do everything possible to prevent you from spending even one minute in jail.   But, in the event of a conviction, the required time in jail is likely not as long as you imagined.

Jail math does its best to tell you that 2 + 2 = 7.  Let’s see if we can make things add up correctly.

Misdemeanor DUI Penalties

Mandatory Minimums
Misdemeanor Arizona DUI Penalties

Covid-19 & DUI Home Detention

Here is the latest administrative order regarding home detention for Arizona DUI cases: 2020-83

What's Subsection I?

Subsection I, of Arizona’s Extreme DUI statute (A.R.S 28-1382) provides a method to substantially reduce the amount of jail if convicted of Extreme or Super-Extreme DUI.

After a conviction, the Arizona Motor Vehicle will be notified by the court of conviction and then issue an interlock requirement. Notice of the requirement is sent through the mail.  This process can take weeks (in some cases even longer). Under subsection I, if you get the interlock at the time of sentencing (instead of waiting until MVD issues it after sentencing) the court can reduce your sentence as follows:

Second DUI Penalties

Mandatory Minimums

Assuming you had a valid driver’s license, a prior DUI conviction within 7 years increases the mandatory minimum punishment.  However, under Arizona law, a second DUI conviction in that time period (in and of itself) is still a misdemeanor.

DUI Penalties Arizona DUI

Maricopa County Jail Information

Almost all Arizona DUI convictions that require jail allow you to self-surrender.  That is, in Maricopa County, you can generally choose a date and surrender yourself to the jail.


Lower Buckeye Jail (Maricopa County, Arizona)

Lower Buckeye Jail

3250 W. Lower Buckeye Road,
Phoenix, AZ 85009
MCSO Website

Where do you self surrender?

Go to the east side of the building and then follow the sign for parking for Self-Surrenders

Medical Screening

For stays longer one day you may be required to get a medical screening prior to beginning your term of jail.  

8 Step Analysis | Driver's License & DUI


Aggravated DUI is a felony in Arizona. These cases have substantially harsher penalties.
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