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Arizona DUI cases (and the category vehicular crimes) are a specialized area of law. It has been my focus for almost 20 years.

To successfully defend a person accused a lawyer must have a deep understanding of the science and law relating to each offense.

Arizona DUI Laws

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First Offense DUI Arizona

Standard DUI

Driving impaired or having a
BAC over a statutory limit

Super-Extreme DUI Arizona

Extreme DUI

Driving with a blood alcohol concentrtion of .150 (+)

Extreme DUI Arizona

Super-Extreme DUI

Driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .200 (+)

DUI Penalties Arizona

DUI Penalties

Misdemeanors DUI Penalties in Arizona

Arizona has several different types of misdemeanor DUI crimes.  They can be categorized by the amount of alcohol in a person, prior convictions, or by the legality / impact of a drug in your body while driving.


The amount of alcohol in your blood or breath is not what makes a DUI a felony. 

DUI Number of Drinks
Impairment DUI

Impaired DUI

Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs

CDL DUI Arizona

Commercial Driver DUI (CDL)

Driving with a blood alcohol concentrtion of .150 (+)

Per Se DUI

Per Se DUI

It is a violation of law to exceed a .08 BAC

Second Time DUI

A 2nd DUI within 7 years results in...

Where is “drunk driving?” 

Arizona does not use the term “drunk driving.”  Nor does Arizona have offenses named DWI, OWI, OWVI or DUIL. Instead, Arizona law uses DUI, Extreme DUI, Super-Extreme DUI, and Aggravated DUI.


Marijuana DUI Arizona

Marijuana DUI

Impairment from Marijuana or having it in your system illegally

Prescription Drug DUI

Prescription Medication DUI

Impairment due to medication not taken "as prescribed"

Illegal Drug DUI

Driving with an illegal drug in your system regardless of impairment

Drug Metabolites

Prior Drug Use & DUI

Driving under the influence of a drug, or in some instances prior use of a drug, can be either a misdemeanor or a felony in Arizona.

Key Takeaway:

DRE Examination

A valid prescription is a legal defense in Arizona.  However, that does not end the case. There is still the issue of whether the medication impaired you while driving?

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Felony DUI

3rd DUI Felony DUI

Aggravated DUI |
3rd Conviction

Ignition Interlock Felony DUI

Aggravated DUI |
Interlock Violation


Arizona law requires that government prove you “knew” or “should have” known your driver’s license was suspended at the time of the arrest.

Felony Aggravated DUI Arizona

Felony or Aggravated DUI?

They are the same thing.  A felony DUI is called Aggravated DUI in Arizona.  Several circumstances can turn a misdemeanor DUI into a felony.
Wrong-Way Aggravated DUI

Aggravated DUI |
Wrong-Way Driving


This category refers to crimes involving car accidents where it is alleged a person was driving impaired, driving in a reckless manner or cases where a person failed to remain at the scene of an accident.

Vehicular Aggravated Assault Arizona

Vehicular Assault

Aggravated Assault by using a car

Vehicular Aggravated Assault Arizona

Vehicular Manslaughter

Manslaughter using a Vehicle

Death Resulting from Traffic Violations

Accidental Deaths

Deaths resulting from traffic violations.

Aggravated Assault Serious Injury Resulting from Traffic Violation

Accidental Injuries

Serious injuries from traffic violations.

Reckless Driving

Reckless Driving

Substanital risks while driving

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive Driving

A combination of several violations


Criminal Speeding

Driving significantly over the posted speed limit


Interlock Violations

Driving without a required interlock


Suspended License

Driving without a valid license

Underage DUI

Underage DUI

A minor driving with any amount alcohol


Arizona law has several legal mechanisms to seek review of a conviction or a legal decision you believe was incorrectly decided.

Appeal Header


Requesting a higher court to reverse a trial court's decision.

PCR Header

Post-Conviction Relief

A collateral challenge to a conviction beyond an appeal.

Arizona Set Aside

Expungement & Set Asides

DUI convictions are eligible to be set aside after a conviction.

PCR Header

Special Actions

Seeking review of a trial court's decision before a conviction.


Arizona Suspended Driver's License


Temporary loss of a license

Revoked Driver's License Arizona


Termination of a driving privilege

Certified Ignition Interlocks Arizona


Breath testing device within a vehicle.


Juvenile courts in Arizona has exclusive and original jurisdiction concerning any juvenile that is alleged to have committed a delinquent or incorrigible act.

Delinquent Act

Means an act by a juvenile that if committed by an adult would be a criminal offense.
See A.R.S. § 8-201(12).

Juvenile Crimes Arizona

Delinquent Juvenile

Means a juvenile who is adjudicated to have committed a delinquent act.
See A.R.S. § 8-201(13).

Arizona Juvenile Criminal Laws

Incorrigible Child

Means a juvenile who has been adjudicated to have committed an offense that can only be committed by a juvenile.
See A.R.S. § 8-201(19)


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Phoenix Municipal Court

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Scottsdale City Court

Gilbert Municipal Court

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