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The Best DUI Defense Stuff.  That Only a Few Knew.  And None Wanted to Share.

A one of a kind annotated resource for Lawyers, People Accused, or Anyone who wants to see what’s going on in our justice system with DUI cases and how to fix it. 

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My Powerpoint Presentations on DUI, Criminal Defense and Forensic Science issues.

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Kindness and Strength

Sometimes, what you need, is found in the last place you would ever expect it. [Lobdell, Scott (w), Soy, Dexter (a), Gandini, Veronica

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Forensic Fraud

This isn’t about intelligence.  It’s not about knowing what must be done.  The problem is more complex and much more difficult to fix.

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The Best Lies Are…

Ben Franklin wrote “[h]alf the Truth is often a great Lie.” (See the 1758 edition of Poor Richard’s Almanack). Franklin was correct. He

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DUI LIBRARY: Forensic Science

FORENSIC SCIENCE IN DUI CASES: The Essential Guide (2019) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In this essential guide, you will find: Clear explanations of how science is supposed to

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DUI LIBRARY | Breath Testing

CHAPTER X: Breath Testing ___________________________________________________________________________________ The primary area of scientific expertise in DUI and vehicular crimes cases is perhaps the what is most lacking our

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