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Here is the Problem

There is a widespread belief that DUI and Vehicular Crimes cases are open or shut. People believe a machine performed a chemical test that tells whether or not you violated the law.  So, they say to themselves: once the result is in what is the sence in arguing?”

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Many "DUI Attorneys" quietly believe

This deep rooted belief is somewhere in the minds of almost everyone involved in a case where impaired driving is alleged. It’s true of the police, the prosecutors, the courts, jurors, the people accused – and even more concerningmany of the lawyers who are supposed to defend these cases.

A Dangerous Misconception

This presumption is stunningly incorrect.  The automatic trust given to a blood or breath test performed by the government is unearned and misplaced.  The way we think about how the police measure the amount of alcohol or a drug is broken.  

False Beliefs About DUI


Every day people accused of DUI and Vehicular Crimes end up in a place, they didn’t realize that they might have avoided, because of things like:

Evidence Inadequately Scrutinized

However, my focus on DUI cases for 20 years has taught me to see weakness that others can’t…for your case.

An Ineffective Process

My PROCESS is a constantly refined expression of what I do with, what of have learned, to fix your problems.

Inability to Challenge a Forensic System

Some cases require CHALLENGING AN ENTIRE SYSTEM. This is something I have successfully done for many clients.

Don't Let This Be

Wouldn't You Be?


Maybe even

How to start?


“Easy for me to say, right?”  No one can really know what you are going through but you. Even your attorney can only imagine your pain. However, right now (as difficult as it may seem) remember these are still merely allegations.  Being charged with a crime is just the start of a process.  It does not automatically mean you will be convicted.

What to expect

Uncertainty Overload.  Standing in the face of criminal allegations is an emotionally charged problem.  You will have a difficult time making sense of it.  There is also a stunning lack of rhyme or reason to many parts of our DUI laws and the justice system.  This creates a barrier to truly understanding your situation.  It can cause a crippling uncertainty within you. 

Knowledge is power.

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon, one of the great refiners of the Scientific Method, proclaimed: “knowledge is power.”  That is, the more one knows, the more one will be able to control events.  Control over your situation is probably the exact thing you are looking for right now.  So, let’s get some.

Ways We Can Work Together

Here are a few different ways we can work together.  

Normal People

If you, or someone you care about, has been accused of a DUI or Vehicular Crime then…


If you are an attorney that represents someone who has been accused of a DUI or Vehicular Crime then…

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