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A DUI is a hammer.  Want to avoid being the nail?

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An Arizona DUI is Horrible

If you are reading my About Page it probably means you, or someone you care for was charged with an Arizona DUI or some kind of Vehicular Crime. Something you never imagined would, or could, ever happen. That makes you just like my typical client.  A good person who had a really bad day.

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Let's Fix That

My job is to try and make the pain go away.  Sometimes that means getting a case dismissed, evidence suppressed, or persuading a jury to let my client go free.  And many times it simply means dulling the pain.  I do everything possible, and a few things that many lawyers didn’t even know were possible in DUI cases, to protect you.

Former DUI Prosecutor. 20 years of experience exclusively defending Arizona DUI and Vehicular Crimes allegations.
Arizona DUI Attorneys

You Matter

Representation that is specifically tailored to your unique situation.

Arizona DUI Attorney

Award Winning Expertise

Honored by his peers for the ability to create cutting edge solutions.

Arizona DUI Attorneys

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When you hire this firm - you hire me. Not some young associate.

What I Do For Real People

I am an Arizona DUI attorney who reveals the truth about flawed forensics that look flawless. When the justice system fails to protect people’s constitutional rights, I push to fix those failures.  I challenge the status quo.

I regularly, and successfully,  do this for people in DUI and Vehicular crimes cases.  I do these things, so my clients can restore their dignity.  To protect their liberty.  To get their life back.

Arizona DUI Attorney

No lawyer can do this in every case, but if anyone can do it for you…I can.

Yes, I want my life back

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More About My Qualifications

  • Outstanding Contribution to DUI Defense Award by Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice (AACJ), 2015.
  • President’s Commendation by AACJ for his work in the case of State v. Diaz (challenging the constitutionality, and eventually overturned in a published opinion, the use of an Arizona Statute to seize blood without a warrant), January 18, 2019.
  • Southwest Super Lawyers (2019).

Presentations and Trainings for Arizona DUI Attorneys

I am often asked to train other lawyers how to defend DUI and vehicular crimes cases both in Arizona and in other states.  Below are some of the presentations and training I have provided.

Drug DUI Attorney

Trial Tactics for Defending Drugged Driving Cases

January 18, 2020, for the National College of DUI Defense, Scottsdale, Arizona. Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) Challenges.

The Limitations of Drug Testing in DUI Cases

May 3, 2019, for the Arizona Association of Criminal Defense, 32nd DUI Defense Seminar, Tucson, Arizona. Subjects included: (1) Drug testing using GCMS and (2) the limitations of Drug Test Results.

Driver's License Consequences & DUI

November 18, 2018, co-presenter, for the State Bar of Arizona. Subjects included: (1) Ignition Interlocks requirements; (2) Restricted Driver's Licenses; and (3) Challenging implied consent suspensions.

Cross Examination Fundamentals

July 27, 2018, in-house training for ASU Law Group, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University. Subjects included: (1) Effective storytelling with witnesses; and (2) Expertise witness examinations.

Explaining Complex Science in DUI Cases

June 21, 2018, for the Arizona Public Defenders Association (APDA).

Direct Examination Fundamentals

July 20, 2018, in-house training for ASU Law Group, Beus Center for Law and Society, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University.

Confrontation clause and Experts

Challenging Surrogate Expert Testimony

May 4, 2018, for AACJ’s 31st Annual Aggressive Defense of the Impaired Driver, Tucson, Arizona. Subjects included: (1) 6th Amendment Confrontation Clause issues; and (2) Attacking flawed legal precedent

Chemical Testing in Arizona DUI Cases

March 30, 2018, for Arizona Law Group, Beus Center for Law and Society, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University.

Breath Doesn’t Measure What You Think

June 20 2017, APDA Conference, Tempe Arizona. Subjects included: (1) Breath alcohol measurements; (2) Scientific principles of breath alcohol tests; (3) And revealing uncertainty in breath alcohol testing.

A Blueprint for Challenging Blood Alcohol Cases

May 5, 2017, for AACJ’s 30th Annual Aggressive Defense of the Impaired Driver, Tucson, Arizona.

What a Number Really Means in DUI Cases

September 4, 2015, in-house training for ASU Law Group, Beus Center for Law and Society, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University.

Accreditation, Lies and ISO Standardards

May 9, 2014, Co-presenter, for AACJ’s Annual Aggressive Defense of the Impaired Driver, Tucson, Arizona

Presentations Subjects and Highlights

Lawrence Koplow exclusively practices drunk-driving and criminal defense. He is one of the most sought-after Arizona DUI attorneys in the state having conducted hundreds of DUI and vehicular crimes jury trials.

Mr. Koplow is uniquely qualified to handle DUI/vehicular crime cases. He is a former DUI prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. At the time he left the County Attorney’s Office, he was working in the Maricopa County Attorneys’ Vehicular Crimes Unit.  Mr. Koplow was then chosen by one of the largest insurance companies in America to work in its in-house counsel group.  As counsel for Farmer’s Insurance, he primarily handled the defense of automobile accident cases. This included defending civil lawsuits arising out of vehicular crimes.  This combination of specialized knowledge and experience have given him a rare skill set for successfully defending impaired driving cases.

Mr. Koplow subsequently founded the Koplow Law Firm, where his criminal practice is focused on DUI and vehicular crimes (charges involving vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, endangerment and leaving the scene of the accident, Misdemeanor DUI and Felony DUI.)

As an attorney who exclusively practices DUI defense, Mr. Koplow has developed a vast network of experts (including forensic toxicologists, accident reconstructionists, biomechanical engineers and ophthalmologists) to assist in the defense of his clients’ cases. Using the right expert can be critical to developing the best DUI defense.

In addition, Mr. Koplow is on the cutting edge of DUI defense. He is creative in his methods and is responsible for bringing about new and extraordinary techniques in the defense of DUI cases.  Moreover, Mr. Koplow reviews the latest cases, scientific literature, legal treatises and articles on the subject of DUI / drunk driving defense.

Mr. Koplow has earned a reputation as a skilled trial Arizona DUI attorney. His philosophy is to aggressively defend his clients. He understands that anyone can receive a DUI charge. He believes that DUI cases are the best examples of good people caught on their worst days. With this mindset, Mr. Koplow will provide an aggressive defense to your DUI charge.

Challenging Blood Alcohol Measurements, in Aspatore Publishing’s treatise DEFENDING VEHICULAR HOMICIDE CASES, 2015 Edition.

National College of DUI Defense

Arizona Association of Criminal Justice

National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys

Legislative Committee Member, AACJ, 2018-present.

Felony Defense Review Committee, Maricopa County Superior Court, 2016-present.

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