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Lawrence Koplow Presenting at AACJ’s Upcoming DUI Seminar

Lawrence Koplow is pleased to be speaking at the upcoming 29th Annual Aggressive Defense of the Accused Impaired Driver Seminar, hosted by Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice.

Lawrence’s featured presentation, “10 Things Only Lawrence Koplow Can Do (That You Can Do Too)“, is on innovative defense strategies. He’ll be sharing tips and tricks on the following topics:

  • PowerPoint during voir dires
  • Using GPS data to impeach law enforcement
  • Getting the “I can be fair” juror stricken for cause
  • Test Results v. Answers
  • Debunking the officer’s personal HGN accuracy rate
  • Winning the retest argument

Other sessions, presented by some of the state’s top defense attorneys, include ISO and Chemical Testing; Collateral Consequences from a DUI Conviction; Prosecutorial/Defense Misconduct, and more.

The seminar takes place May 6th and 7th, 2016 at the Tuscon Marriott University Park.

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