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Deaths Resulting from Traffic Violations

Arizona has created a criminal offense (ARS 28-672) for the scenario when a person commits a moving violation that results in another death.   Some people refer to this crime as “misdemeanor manslaughter.” 

What are the specific traffic offenses that misdemeanor manslaughter requires a violation?

1. Section 28-645, subsection A, paragraph 3, subdivision (a).
2. Section 28-772.
3. Section 28-792.
4. Section 28-794.
5. Section 28-797, subsection E or G.
6. Section 28-855, subsection B.
7. Section 28-857, subsection A.

Can you get a jury trial if charged with misdemeanor manslaughter?

No.  If your case proceeds to trial then it will be heard by a judge.

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