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Can I Get a Second Opinion From Another Lawyer?

Getting another set of eyes from a professional is common place. It is no different than getting a second doctor to look over the diagnosis made by your current doctor. In my practice, to be candid, I am a lot of people’s second lawyer.

Reasons You May Want a Second Opinion?

Some reasons that motivate you to contact another lawyer may include:

Lack of Comminucation

The attorney you have chosen is not communicating what you need to know. I have found instances where, after reviewing a lawyers work, they attorney actually was doing a great job in the courtroom. However, they failed to communicate what they were doing to the client.

Things Don't Add Up

The explanations and answers you are getting do not make sense. More importantly, the lawyer is not explaining why things are the way, they currently are.

Conflict of Interest?

If a lawyer is representing more than one defendant in the same case this is a red flag. While it is possible to do this ethically there are some safeguards that must be in place.

The Lawyer Has Lost Your Confidence

You need to be able to rely on your lawyer's advice and counsel. If the lawyer-client relationship has deteriorated to the point where your will never trust the advice provided then you really should seek another opinion.

Do I Have To Tell My Current Lawyer?

No.  You can keep the fact that you are getting a second opinion confidential.  It is only if you decide to hire new counsel that would require notifying your existing lawyer.  In many instances, I take care of this for my clients.

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