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The Definitive Guide to Defeating an Arizona DUI | Right to Counsel


Right to Counsel


...they say, 'Well if you hire Johnnie Cochran, you're going to look guilty.'

Yeah, but you going home! You want to look innocent in jail? I'd rather look guilty at the mall.

Right to Confrontation

~Chris Rock, Never Scared.

Right to Lawyer DUI

Why you have a right to counsel in DUI cases

The right to counsel is the means by which all of the constitutional rights afforded criminal defendants are protected. See generally, Maine v. Moulton, 474 U.S. 159, 168-169 (1985).

Right to a lawyer in DUI cases

In Arizona, the right to a lawyer attached as soon as feasible after they are arrested. This is guaranteed by the Arizona Constitution, Article II, Sec. 24 and by the Due Process Clause​, Article II, Sec. 4.

  • Rule 6, Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure

Rule 6.1(a), of the Arizona Rule of Criminal Procedure states in relevant part:

Right to be Represented by Counsel – A defendant shall be entitled to be represented by counsel in any criminal proceeding,…The right to be represented shall include the right to consult in private with an attorney, or the attorney’s agent, as soon as feasible after a defendant is taken into custody, at reasonable times thereafter, and sufficiently in advance of a proceeding to allow adequate preparation therefor.

  • Was your right to counsel violated?

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