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What is a Worldview?

A worldview is a preexisting condition. Unfortunately, we don’t always cover them.

A Base Command

We have an immutable base command written into our humanity. It’s the continuous attempt to answer the question – what’s this? Regardless of the subject matter, we are always trying to answer that question; and the inevitable questions that arise from our answer. This process is how we form and refine our beliefs about the world.

Worldviews and Your Brain
Core Values and Worldviews

Values and Worldviews

Once a belief takes root within you, it creates aspirations. We call these hopes our values. They live within your mind somewhere between sleep and consciousness creating a mental operating system that works in the background.

Values construct a subjective picture. Think of it like your own version of the matrix where you unconsciously write the code. Minus the part where you are walking on the ceiling and instantaneously downloading the mastery of Kung Fu. However, your worldview does shape, and at times, even distorts the truth.

Sticky Values

Some values stick. While emotionally glued to your way of thinking, given enough time and pressure it’s possible they can be pried loose. Thus, altering that worldview. Others become so imbedded they are just as much a part of us as a limb. They are not going anywhere. These types of values shape what we see as Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, Just or Unjust.

Sticky Worldviews

Here is the rub…

When you encounter something that does not fit within your worldview you tend to discount it or even ignore it. When you encounter something that conflicts with your worldview, most of us will double-down. There’re called values for a reason. No one wants to believe, what they value inside us most, needs an upgrade.

Preexisting Mental Structures

Preexisting Mental States

This state of mind is the preexisting mental condition that we all bring to everything. It’s a lot to take in. It’s hard to believe all of us may not be entirely rational in our decisions. I mean we may believed some version of this about other people, but not ourselves. This message may actually conflict with many people’s worldview. They probably already stopped reading.


If we want to persuade someone, then we must attempt to understand their preexisting mental conditions. Putting your message in the terms and shape of their worldview is how to reach them. However, leaving a person’s worldview uncovered…well it’s like the people who stopped reading this message.

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