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DUI LIBRARY: The Definitive Guide to Defeating an Arizona DUI


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This guide will explain the legal challenges at every step in a DUI and Vehicular Crimes case. If you were trying to find: 

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Pretrial Motions Arizona DUI

1. Pretrial Motions

Motions to suppressing evidence & dismissing criminal charges.

Traffic Stop DUI Arizona

2. Traffic Stops

Analyzing the Constitutionality of Traffic Stops in Arizona DUI Cases.

Arizona DUI Lawyer Arrest

3. DUI Arrests

Challenging the Legality of an Arrest for an Arizona DUI.

Right to Counsel Arizona

4. Right to Counsel

Assessing Right to Counsel Violations
After Being Arrested for DUI.

Warrantless Blood Draw Arizona DUI

5. Warrantless Blood Draws

The Constitutionality of Traffic Stops in Arizona DUI Cases.

6. Search Warrants

The law requires a valid search warrant to seize blood evidence unless there is an enumerated exception.

Brady Material Arizona

7. Brady Material

The prosecutor's duty to disclose evidence favorable to defense.

8. Prosecutorial Misconduct

When the government does not "do justice" as required by law.

9. Lost or Destroyed Evidence

The government's duty to preserve material evidence in criminal cases.

Right to Confrontation Arizona

10. Right to Confrontation

The Sixth Amendment guarantees the right to confront your accusers.

Identifications in DUI Cases

11. Unreliable Identification

When in-court identifications are prejudicial and have the potential to mislead.

12. Speedy Trial

Preventing unnecessary delay between being charged and a trial.

13. Due Process

The guarantee that the government must provide fair procedures.

Preliminary Hearings Arizona

14. Preliminary Hearings

A public hearing to determine if there was probable cause to support the charges.

15. Grand Jury Indictments

A secret hearing where evidence is presented to determine if probable cause exists.


16. NHTSA Driving Clues

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's DUI protocols.

17. Chemical Testing

Blood, breath and urine testing at the core of almost all DUI cases.

18. Disclosure Violations

The scope and breadth of what the government must disclose to the defense.

Actual Physical Control DUI Arizona

19. Actual Physical Control

DUI violations can result when a car is not moving if there is Actual Physical Control.

DRE Drugs Arizona

20. Drug Recognition Experts

The police's procedure for determining impairment resulting from a drug lacks validity.

Arizona DUI Laws

21. Public Records

When the rules for disclosure are inadequite Arizona's public records may help.

DUI Impairment Arizona

22. Impairment

DUI cases require the government prove impairment caused by alcohol or drugs.

Police Body Camera Video Arizona

23. Body Camera Video

Discovering how to know if video has been edited or muted in order to impeach an officer.

Untruthful Testimony Arizona

24. Untruthfulness

Specific instances of untruthfulness that may be presented to a jury.

25. FTS's & HGN

Field Sobriety Tests used by law enforcement to make arrest DUI decisions.

Police GPS Data Arizona

26. Police GPA Data

Many police vehicles now have GPS tracking that can used to verify or disprove claims.

Evidentiary Hearings Arizona Criminal Cases

27. Evidentiary Hearings

The rights and limitations of an accused request for an evidentiary hearing.


Daubert Challenges & Motions

26. Judgment of Acquittal

Sometimes referred to as a directed verdict.

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