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Essential Guide: Your Arizona Driver’s License & DUI

The only guide you will ever need to fix your driver’s license after a DUI

Being arrested for DUI is traumatic. Some of the obvious things that keep you up at night are the fear of going to jail and concerns about your career. Then, as you start to gather information about what happens after being arrested, you discover there are some lesser-known issues that also give a pit in your stomach: what happens to your driver’s license?

Before you freak out about a driver’s license suspension let’s get you the facts. While the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) can be a tricky thing to navigate – it can be done. There are usually ways to get you through the hurdles they put in your way.

• Suspensions can get to and from work permits.
• Licenses can be reinstated.
• Wrongful suspension can be challenged.

The internet is full of misinformation about how Arizona’s MVD works and what happens to driver’s license when arrested for DUI. Here is the definitive guide to help you understand driver’s license suspensions resulting from a DUI and how to get things fixed.

Your Two Cases

A DUI arrest in Arizona triggers two separate cases. One is in a criminal court where you face a DUI case. The other is an admirative case with the Arizona MVD. This is where your initial driver’s license suspension originates. This case will likely resolve well before your criminal charges.

The outcome of your administrative case (i.e. whether you get a suspension or not) has no legal effect on your criminal case. However, in some circumstances, the outcome of your criminal case could potentially possible add on an additional loss of your driver’s license.

With this all in mind, let’s go through through the 8 essential steps required to understand and fix what happenes to your driver’s license after a DUI arrest.

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