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Lawrence Koplow Named ‘Of Counsel’ to Innovative Non-Profit Law Firm

Koplow Law Firm is pleased to announce Lawrence Koplow has been named Of Counsel to ASU Alumni Law Group, an innovative, non-profit teaching law firm based in Phoenix, Arizona.

The ASU Alumni Law Group is  “a unique not-for-profit law firm, created to train new lawyers while helping our community gain access to affordable legal services”. It uses a model similar to the interest-based residency method found in teaching hospitals, where senior attorneys train and supervise new graduates of the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, giving them an opportunity to develop their skills and gain on-the-job experience, while providing access to lower-cost legal representation to the community.

ASU Alumni Law Group helps clients with legal matters related to family, business/non-profit, estate, criminal, consumer, and real estate issues, and charges affordable, below-market rates so that all can receive quality, professional legal services. You can read more about the ASU Alumni Law Group at the firm’s news page.

The Koplow Law Firm has relocated to the ASU Alumni Law Group’s offices, and may now be found at:

Koplow Law Firm
Of Counsel, ASU Alumni Law Group
2 N Central Ave #1600
Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Phone: (602) 494-3444
Fax: (602) 494-2366

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